The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)


Great War (World War I) Medals

The Cameronians

Medals issued to soldiers in the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) during and after the Great War were marked "SCO.RIF." after the soldier's number, rank, and name.

Even though the basic soldier in the Cameronians was considered a "Rifleman " (Rfmn.), the medals were marked "Private" (Pte.).

WWI Medals were issued to soldiers that served in the Great War either in a set of a pair of medals, or in a set of three.

The "Trio" (set of three) was issued to all those whose overseas service began prior to 1916. It consisted of a "star", a BWM (British War Medal), and a Victory Medal.
There were two types of star medals. The first one was marked with the year 1914, and was only awarded to those who entered France or Belgium with their unit before 23 November, 1914. Soldiers serving in the 1st Battalion of Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) during this time were awarded the 1914 Star.
The 1914-15 Star was like the 1914 star, but awarded to those soldiers who arrived overseas after 22 November 1914 but before 1 January 1916. There were more of these awarded than the 1914 Star.

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